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Cerrado & developed land at Campo Aberto

Putting into production Brazilian farmland

Agrifirma is a modern farmland operating and development company founded in 2008. Agrifirma believes that Brazil is ideally positioned to satisfy the world’s demand for high-quality foodstuffs, given its excellent soil, weather and highly trained and able people. These factors have helped to make Brazil one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of agricultural products.

Agrifirma has a team of agricultural experts producing coffee, cotton, corn and soybeans with state-of-the-art technology. Agrifirma’s objective is to provide substantial quantities of grain and other agricultural products to help fill the growing shortage of supply in the developed and developing worlds. Agrifirma’s farming methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

On August 31 2011 Agrifirma became a Brazilian-controlled company following the acquisition of a majority controlling shareholding by Brasil Agronegócio FIP, a private equity fund managed by BRZ Investimentos, one of Brazil’s largest independent asset management firms. Genagro Ltd (, which founded and financed the early growth of Agrifirma’s business, remains a minority shareholder. This is the press release accouncing the transaction: click here

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